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Mistress by James Patterson & David Ellis - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 491
Chapters: 113
Publisher: Arrow Books

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The thing I love about James Patterson, and, of course, his co-authors, is their reliability. I have yet to lift a book written by them that I do not enjoy. Mistress, is no exception. As soon as I started I was pulled into its world. It's a fast-paced and thrilling adventure that leaves your heart pulsing in your throat. It's also a quick read, the authors not only keep you glued, but you fly through the novel, gasping at the end for another fix of greatly written adrenaline.

We are placed into the mind of Benjamin Casper, a wealthy, internet newspaper owner, and a man with a difficult childhood, and apparently, future. One of his best friends, Diana, throws herself from her balcony while he is down in the street below. The authorities say it's suicide, but Ben isn't so sure, as a few minutes before she died, Ben had been bugging her apartment, as per Diana's instructions. This information is dangerous though, and Ben must uncover a government conspiracy before the parties involved silence him for good. For me, the plot is gripping and thrilling, there are great twists and pulse-pounding action and I absolutely love it.

Ben is a great character to follow, he's quirky and brave, smart and honest. He has some sort of attention deficit as far as I could gather, and his mechanism for coping is reciting random trivia about films, TV shows and past presidents. This really fluffs out his character, and while in the beginning I wasn't too fond of all the information, I grew to love it, and even learn from it. However, Ben's character also has a downside, he is so extremely well-developed throughout the novel that the rest of the characters aren't and pale in comparison with him. I really feel sad about this, because there are some great potential characters.
The writing is what you'd expect from a James Patterson novel: Professional, descriptive, and quick. It's a nice easy read and that's what makes his stories so enjoyable and approachable.

As far as I know this is a standalone novel, but I feel so strongly about Ben and the potentially great characters that I would love to see a series be born, and I highly recommend to everyone to give it a try.

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