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1st to Die by James Patterson (Women's Murder Club, #1) - Book Review

5/5 Stars


Edition: Paperback
Pages: 453
Chapters: 127 (Plus a prologue.)
Publisher: Headline

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I completely forgot how crazy good this book is. It's a reread for me, and the first time I picked it up was over 3 years ago, but damn! I thought I had it all remembered until I reached the end and my mouth was wider than a bloody chasm. The twists and turns catch you by surprise, and again, I've already read the book!! I love this novel even more than before, and it truly shows the great talent the author has. I hear a lot of people grumble over how reliant Mr Patterson is on co-authors, but as far as I know, he wrote this one all on his own, and it's truly fantastic!

The first novel in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club starts off the series with an awesome bang. We go into the mind of Lindsay Boxer, a tough-as-nails SFPD Homicide Inspector, who starts work on a case involving newly wed couples who are being murdered and defiled. Not only is that enough to keep anyone busy in their lives, Lindsay has developed a rare disease that is slowly killing her, and she has to rush against the clock to find the killer. Not to worry though, her friends have her back. Claire, the ME, Cindy, the reporter, and Jill, the assistant district attorney, all make up the Women's Murder Club.

I cannot rave enough about the story: It's addictive, shocking, touching, terrifying, etc. etc. Each character is awesome, and the awesome message of female empowerment is inspiring, but it doesn't shun the men, they are also as strong, also as quick thinking, and it gives off the greatest sense of equality.
I'm not gonna single out characters because I feel that they are all superb. Like I said, the women and men play on a level field, neither one nor the other displayed as the predominant gender. I find this engaging and refreshing. The Murder Club is also a great idea, letting the smart and witty women work through the case without political rubbish to tie them up, and it proves extremely effective.
The writing is what I think everyone has come to expect from Patterson: Quick, witty and easy to read. You'll fly through it (even though it took me a month to reread it, not the novel's fault though, all mine) and love every single second of its thrilling tale.

I urge you to give this a try, whether you're a crime buff or not, you'll be pulled in and locked in a vice-like grip until the very last pages. I cannot wait to continue on with the series and catch up to where I was when I left it off, especially since there are new books I haven't read :D

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