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11th Hour by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Women's Murder Club, #11) - Book Review

5/5 Stars


Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 391
Chapters: 119 (Plus a prologue with two parts.)
Publisher: Century

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I thought my interest was fading, but 11th Hour surprisingly reinvigorates my passion for the series. I've had mainly high ratings for this series, due primarily to my enjoyment, plus how engaging and easy-to-read James Patterson's novels are. I know not everyone feels the same, but no novel is perfect, and even when a book fails at one thing, I do my best to focus on what's good, and then rate accordingly. I only say that because of the conflict I've read in other reviews. Personally, I love this entry to the series, especially with how the authors' focus on two fantastic plots, rather than spreading themselves thin with 3 or 4.

11th Hour focuses on two big, major in-the-limelight cases, and poor pregnant Lindsay Boxer is at the helm of both. A crusade against drug dealers is taking San Fransisco by storm; dubbed 'Revenge' by the media, the vigilante is only targeting the scum of the streets, and no one knows whether to catch him or pat him on the back. What doesn't help is the fact seven heads have been found unearthed in a famous movie star's mansion. A movie star that was tried and acquitted of murdering his wife.
Like I mentioned, this kind of adrenaline-pumping story blew the cobwebs that had grown from marathoning the series. It's truly riveting stuff, and it reminds you of how good James Patterson and his co-authors are at telling a story.
The characters though get a sigh from me. Development is nearly at a standstill, and while I understand Lindsay's hormonal reactions due to her pregnancy, it doesn't fit well with her character. Not to be SPOILERY, but I'll give a heads-up just in case: I hate how the Lindsay and Joe arc is 'resolved', because in my opinion, it isn't. Especially after all the effort put into it.
I'm trying to think of something spectacular to write. It isn't as good as earlier instalments, but it still gives you a wonderful time as a story.

Eleven down. Two to go. ;D

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