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3rd Degree by James Patterson & Andrew Gross (Women's Murder Club, #3) - Book Review

5/5 Stars


Edition: Paperback
Pages: 356
Chapters: 111
Publisher: Headline

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WARNING (I can't help but say that in a deep robotic voice) SPOILERS

Yes, this review is likely to contain spoilers, and for those of you who haven't read this book, flee for your non-spoilery lives. After a major reading slump, I think I've finally bounced out of it. I absolutely love this book, it pleasantly reminds me of the first, in the sense that the main characters are more fleshed out. It isn't really a problem in the second book, this series is a pulse-pounding thrill ride, but it's nice to see the development take a more in-depth road that made the first book so enjoyable. In my own opinion, I think the best thing for this series is the Women's Murder Club members, strong women fighting for what's right.

The Women's Murder Club is back! With a terrifying new case, and shocking life problems, they have their work cut out for them. A group naming themselves 'August Spies' are targeting wealthy people who they deem as 'criminals' and 'vampires' because they are sucking the money from poor people and nations to fund their own lavish lifestyles. Lindsay Boxer and co are back though, ready to take these mindless animals down. The book actually makes you question a lot of things, it goes pretty deeply into why these men and women are committing these crimes in the first place, and surprisingly, in one way or another, you relate to them. Some of their points make sense, but their radicalism and crimes darken their voice and takes away their right to be heard. Murder is never the way to go.
On another note, and this is the spoiler part I don't want the people who haven't read the book to see, there's the death of one of the girls. It's on the blurb that one of them dies anyway, but part of me still cannot believe it. I'm shocked. I'm appalled. I'm teary (in a manly way). Like I said, the character development in this book is great, and the death of Jill is heartfelt and frustrating. I'd say she grows the most in this instalment, especially since the hard shell that she is cracks and we get to see how she is on the inside. The group grows closer just to be rocked by the death. Although it does spice things up a bit, and it shows that our main characters are never safe.

All in all, Mr Patterson and co-author Andrew Gross, have made another great novel in the series. It's a quick and easy read as always, along with a thrilling pleasure to sit down to. Moving straight onto the next book.

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