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Game by Anders De La Motte (Game, #1) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Play. Or be played.

Let the Game begin.


Edition: Paperback
Pages: 368
Chapters: 22 (Plus a prologue.)
Publisher: Blue Door

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Stunned. That's what I am, completely and utterly brain-rattled. I never expected anything like that when I started this novel, but there are no words, WOW. I enjoyed its synopsis, and thought well hey, this sounds good. 'Good', isn't near the word I need to describe my experience of Game. In fact, I don't even think there is a word in existence that can sum up my feelings exactly. I'll just have to settle for what happened to my brain upon completion. It kind of goes like - ajdhueiwchnluixhljurhfxmnuw - only for several minutes. Game is one helluva thriller, it mixes crime with action/adventure, and the two are woven masterfully together. Kudos have to be given to the translator, after reading through some negative reviews I found myself worried, but I can honestly say, Neil Smith does a stellar job.

The story starts with Henrik 'HP' Pettersson. Our one-of-two main characters is making his way home on the train, when he stumbles upon a mobile phone with no apparent owner. Seeing a chance at some quick cash, HP picks it up, oblivious to what he's just done, oblivious to the fact that the new phone in his possession will rock his life and the life of everyone he knows. Not long after his theft, the phone asks HP if he would like to play 'The Game', and driven by curiosity, he accepts, and soon finds himself in the centre of ever-increasing-in-magnitude assignments. They're dangerous, and deadly. But his Police Detective sister is pulled into his world, and all previous traces of glamour over 'The Game' wear off and fear sets its unflinching teeth into their every being.
The book's synopsis sums it up perfectly:

'Can he outwit The Game before it's too late, or will The Game play him?'

Holy crap! Looking around I haven't really seen much about this trilogy, and I'm uber-mondo surprised. So far, having only read the first in the series, my adrenal gland must be working overtime. It's 2:30 AM right now and all I want to do is jump straight into the next instalment. But I won't because sleep is a necessary evil...
Game has one of the most well thought and completely encapsulating stories EVER! PERIOD! So pulse-pounding and non-stop from the get go. The twists and turns the author pulls you through has you begging for reprieve, but you're also unstoppable as you turn the pages, desperate for answers, desperate for anything! I honestly can't dictate the wealth of emotions that are surging through me right now. All I will say is that, if you haven't picked this book up, GO NOW MY FRIENDS!
The cast is where I've seen a lot of people rate the book down. We are mostly in the viewpoint of two characters, HP and his sister, Rebecca Normen, and both have demons lurking in their past that constantly haunt their present. Their demons, by the way, is an exceptional story all on its own, but so as not to spoil anyone, you'll just have to read it :D. Anyway, when I said folk rated it down, I mean HP is an ar***ole. A very big douchbag in every meaning of the word. Surprisingly for me, though, I warmed to him, I actually liked him as one of our characters. It's not very often we get a main character who is supposed to grind our gears the wrong way (mainly because it's risky) but in Game, it works! Rebecca on the other hand is the complete opposite from her brother, she's calm, collected and sensible. A Police Detective by trade, and someone with a soft heart that has a hard outer coat. I had no problem with either characters, and their character progression is simple, but effective.
Like I said before as well, Neil Smith, our translator, has done a great job of turning the author's masterpiece into English, and I personally found no problems to write home about it. It was seamless and enjoyable.

I thoroughly recommend Game to everyone. You guys are missing out. Go, go and play The Game. I dare you...

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