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Now You See Her by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Now You See Her...

Now She Vanishes...


Edition: Paperback
Pages: 478
Chapters: 117 (Plus a prologue with three parts.)
Publisher: Arrow Books

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The biggest thing I love about James Patterson and all of his co-authors is their unbelievable reliability. I have yet to pick up one of their novels and be nothing short of massively hooked and utterly entertained. Now You See Her is no exception. Every time I think I can pull a favourite Patterson book into my head, my number one pick, I read another that throws everything I thought out of the window. I just thought, I'll give this novel a start tonight, and then I got so caught up within it that there was absolutely no way I was putting it down until I'd finished it in all its thrilling glory.

Nina Bloom has a secret: Her name isn't Nina Bloom.
Eighteen years before she thought she had it all. A perfect little life, in the perfect little place.
But as it usually goes, she couldn't be more wrong if she tried.
But she's escaped. It's behind her...
When a man is framed for murder, Nina knows from her past that he isn't the killer, and the only one capable of proving it is herself.
So it's back to the town that's haunted her, back to the horror that could be her final resting place...

Now You See Her's story surprised me. Why? I don't have clue, going in I just didn't expect it to be so goddamn good. At times it's smart, it's thrilling, it's a book thats pages turn themselves obsessively. While at times I did have to suspend my disbelief, it never pretends to be anything more than a straight-up thriller, something it does superbly. It's a book I'm going to be recommending to everyone: Readers, non-readers, my dog. Well, maybe not my dog, but you get what I mean. It's a quick, easy read that will have the hairs on your arms dancing.

The characters fit the story well. They're developed and set up wonderfully, and are perfectly blended with the plot. There isn't a huge emphasis like with Gone Girl and my other most recent read The Girl On The Train, but that's alright, the balance fits the narrative and everything flows smoothly, becoming a tsunami of emotion during the last 1/3 of the book. Our main character Nina is great to go on this journey with. She's had some bad things - extremely, massively bad things - happen to her, and she can't help but shoulder the guilt. But this is tempered with how strong and overall good she is, she's definitely moral, it's just that compass is a little askew.

The adrenaline though. Phew. It's like jumping off a high cliff into the water below, we've all done it, and we all remember the feeling. Well, Now You See Her reminds me of that feeling. You know what's coming, but you do it anyway, you plunge forward and hit the water. But you're triumphant. This book just needs to be checked out.

A nice standalone as well, so I've no worries about having to complete a series.

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