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The Keeper of the Wind by Mark Shaw - Book Review - Indie

3.5/5 Stars

"How did one look at eBay lead to all of this?"


Edition: Kindle
Pages: 196
Chapters: 13 (Plus a prologue and an epilogue.)
Publisher: Lillie Publishing

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The Keeper of the Wind is a fun, fast read that doesn't fail to leave you with a happy smile on your face. It's definitely a feel-good book that I sense is more suited to younger teenagers, but let's not get all limited here. I enjoyed it, the light themes and tones are a nice break from my usual doom, gloom, boom kind of stories. On the flip side, its airy feel - pun intended - can sometimes steal any immediacy from the plot. Without being expressly told, you do come to the realisation that nothing bad is really going to happen, which brings any danger elements to somewhat of a standstill.

Tim, Marcus and Olivia are best friends, more than that even, they're family.
But when all three of them stumble onto ancient Native American artifacts, their lives take a startling turn.
Unaware of the powers contained within their find, they post the artifacts on eBay for a quick buck.
For the world to see.
Forces reawaken as the objects' existence are confirmed.
Evil forces that won't stop until the power is theirs alone...

The story starts with an intriguing setup, and one of the book's major strengths is its spin on Native American history. Mr Shaw does a grand job of creating a unique past for his world, while also not overloading the reader's mind with too much information. We get enough, and not a drop more. The plot in our characters' present also flows quite well, with the focus of the story based on adventure and of how good intentions will always topple evil.

The last point is a pro, but can also be a con.

The book is very light, so anytime our characters are warned of danger, the story doesn't really reflect it. Action and precarious scenes are also robbed of some of their suspense, because deep down, you know nothing bad will actually happen.

The characters themselves, more so our main three, are great drivers of the novel. There's a nice camaraderie, and while at times the word 'cheesy' comes to mind, the author injects plenty of humour. It's not always a laugh-out-loud moment, but there are some definite parts throughout that caught me by surprise.

The Keeper of the Wind is a sure-fire hit for the younger generations, with heartwarming emotions injected galore. Adults might find a little resistance, but going in with an open mind and the anticipation of a magical adventure should smooth over the cracks.

I think we're in for a wonderful trilogy.

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