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Chase by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge (Michael Bennett, #9.5) - Book Review

4/5 Stars

James Patterson's BookShots.

Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment.

Edition: Kindle
Pages: 144 (Roughly.)
Chapters: 32 (Plus a prologue with five parts and an epilogue.)
Publisher: BookShots

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Chase is the second BookShot I've read, and so far, they've both delivered what the line of books offers: A succinct, suspenseful, action-packed adventure. 

If you're unfamiliar with what Patterson's BookShots are, it's simple. BookShots are short stories that are under 150 pages and can be read in one sitting. They cut out the fluff and bring the reader straight to the adrenaline-infused insanity. Being cheap, they're perfect little lightning bottles for people always on the go but have the desperate need to satisfy their literary lust.

Crossing a whole range of worlds, from nifty standalone novels to fast and hard glimpses into an already established series, Chase centres on well-known protagonist Michael Bennett, our tough, humorous NYPD Detective. It's a little ridiculous and stretches your disbelief, but it's a pulse-pounding powerhouse of a short story. 

Synopsis (This time round, I'll be using the blurb that comes with my edition of the book.)

A man plunges to his death from the roof of a Manhattan hotel. It looks like a suicide -- except the victim has someone else's fingerprints and $10,000 in cash.

Enter Detective Michael Bennett.

Plot - 4/5 Stars

Chase pretty much works as a standalone. It is a part of a series, and as BookShots focus predominantly on action and adrenaline, there isn't a lot of character development, so if you love your casts fleshed, reading the previous entries will do wonders. But you don't really need any of it to enjoy this story. 

We start with a mysterious murder that leads to politics, secrets, and epic, life-or-death gunfights. Chase is action at its finest, setting some impressive scenarios with envious ease. Answers at the end are standard, but it's the journey that makes this novel shine.

Pace - 5/5 Stars

I read at an average pace and Chase took me an hour. Patterson combined with fewer than 150 pages equals a fast read. 

Characters - 3.5/5 Stars

Michael Bennett rocks. He has a special place in my heart above all other characters I've read by the author. He's funny, dedicated, and capable. He loses none of this in Chase, and even for first-time readers it'll be apparent. Other characters, though, suffer from the novel's short length. They're not bad, just bland. Bennett's family dynamics also take a backseat, but if you've devoured the entire series so far, it's not a problem.

Writing - 4/5 Stars

With a no-nonsense approach, trimmed chapters, and brutal bouts of brilliant action, Patterson and co-author Michael Ledwidge create a clear story that rattles along with reckless abandon.

Overall - 4/5 Stars

I am loving these BookShots so far; a great idea that's been well executed.

If only there weren't so bloody many...

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